There are various levels of membership available within the organization

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Regular Members

For those who are engaged in the science, profession, standards, and passion of aircraft performance and operations engineering including those in the educational, commercial, consulting, operations or manufacturing fields which maintain a relationship with aircraft performance and operations

Affiliate Members

For those who are not, or are no longer, engaged in aircraft performance and operations engineering but wish to maintain a relationship with the society.

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Student Members

For those persons currently studying at an accredited college or university who have an interest in pursuing a career in aircraft performance, operations engineering or a related field.

Retired Members

For those who were members of the society during their professional career. Retired Members' eligibility to vote and hold office shall be that of the membership grade held upon retirement without payment of dues. Retired Members enjoy all the benefits of membership at no cost.
If you wish to take advantage of this membership level, please contact [email protected] and [email protected] to coordinate this professional status update.

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Charter Members

Charter Members are original members who participated in the organization of the society and who attended any one of the first three meetings.

Change in Status

If you have a change in professional status that may affect your membership level, (e.g. student to professional or active to retired) please contact [email protected] and [email protected]

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Dues are used only for payment of administrative expenses such as website hosting, licensing fees and conference costs. No executive or administrative officer in SAPOE receives a salary.

If you would like to donate or can’t pay via the Intuit Invoicing system please use Paypal
In order to quicken the process of getting you onto the SAPOE roster and into the mailing system and SAPOE site, please take a screenshot of your payment and send it to [email protected].


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