Georgia Tech tower

2021 SAPOE Annual Conference at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA

06 and 07 October 2021

The conference is being held at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia

Conference Presentation Agenda

Day 1

Morning Session

  • 8:00 Registration for In-Person Attendees
    Sponsored by Aerodata
  • 8:30 Welcome, Conference Overview and Membership Update
    Paul Hannah – SAPOE Officers
  • 8:50 Georgia Tech ASDL and the Conference Facility
    Dr. Dimitri Mavris – Georgia Tech ASDL
  • 9:15 Some thoughts on grooved runways and wet runway braking performance
    Gerard van Es – NLR
  • 10:00 Morning Break/Networking
    Sponsored by Aerodata
  • 10:15 Latest Research in Machine Learning and Aircraft Performance
    Emil Kaptur – StorkJet
  • 11:00 The Emerging Emissions Reporting Landscape
    Jill Blickstein and Mike Byham – American Airlines
  • 11:45 Lunch on Campus

Afternoon Session

  • 13:00 FAA Runway Length Tool for Airport Planning
    Kent Duffy – FAA APP-400
  • 13:45 SAPOE Tiger Team Update – AC-120-27F, White Papers and Operational Implementation
    Kristine Henning – Delta Air Lines
  • 14:45 Afternoon Break/Networking
    Sponsored by Aerodata
  • 15:15 Insight on Upcoming FAA Aircraft Certification
    Paul Giesman – FAA AIR-625
  • 16:00 Member Recognition
    Roesney Santos – SAPOE Officers
  • 18:00 Dinner/Social Event at Two Urban Licks
    Sponsored by VCT and LEAN Engineering
    Transportation Provided by Avix Aero

Day 2

Morning Session

  • 8:00 Compliance with ASTM Standard 3266
    Joe Vickers and Dr. Zoltan Rado – AST
  • 8:45 SAPOE Goals, Metrics and Financials
    Roesney Santos and Mimi Hoover – SAPOE Officers
  • 9:00 SAPOE Solicitation for Officer Candidates
    Paul Hannah and Craig Nordstrom – SAPOE Officers
  • 9:10 Overlap Between AC-120-27F and AC-20-161
    Mike Byham – American Airlines and Kirk Nance – Avix Aero
  • 10:10 Morning Break/Networking
    Sponsored by Aerodata
  • 10:30 SAPOE Feedback (Open Exchange)
    SAPOE Officers
  • 10:45 Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVtol)
    Jose Furuzawa – Embraer
  • 11:30 Lunch on Campus

Afternoon Session

  • 13:00 Machine Learning and Aircraft Braking
    ASDL Student – Georgia Tech
  • 13:45 Sustainability in Aviation Outlook
    Mimi Hoover – SAPOE Officers
  • 14:30 Afternoon Break/Networking
    Sponsored by Aerodata
  • 15:00 Jaguar Team Update (Departure ICA, Clearways and ADIP)
    Jay Leitner – American Airlines and Chris Hill – Delta Airlines
  • 15:45 Lion Team Update (ASTM Update, TC Advisory Circular ABAR vs PBAR)
    Cpt John Gadzinski – Four Winds Aerospace Safety

All members will be been informed of the details of the conference by all-member emails. If you have not received the emails, please contact the SAPOE officers at [email protected].

Participation in the conference, onsite or virtual, is limited to SAPOE Members and Georgia Tech Students


Oct 06 - 07 2021


Eastern Time
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Georgia Tech


Georgia Tech
North Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30332


[email protected]

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